FortiWeb v6.4.0 and Let’s Encrypt

FortiWeb v6.4 starts to support the integration with Let’s Encrypt. This allows you to automatically generate server certificates alleviating the need to upload private certificates.

The administration guide gives you some information on how to request those Let’s Encrypt certificates but in our opinion the configuration guidelines are not sufficient.
So we tried to give some more information on how to configure FortiWeb to obtain a server certificate from Let’s encrypt and how to use them in the server policy.

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FragAttack: Security Flaws in all Wi-Fi devices

In the last few days, more and more articles about vulnerabilities in the Wifi area have appeared. These FragAttacks (fragmentation and aggregation attacks) which is a collection of new security vulnerabilities affects Wi-Fi devices from different vendors. FragAttacks: Neue Angriffe gefährden nahezu alle WLAN-Geräte (German article)

There is a separate web page with more information about this attack:

On this page we collect information from our vendors so that you can react accordingly and provide information to affected customers.

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Exchange Pwn2Own Vulnerability April 2021 (Yes, a new one – it’s not Hafnium anymore!)

Let’s mention the important things first: Please patch you vulnerable Exchange 2013, 2016 and 2019 immediately! The page msxfaq has published an infosite to this vulnerability including the instructions how to fix your Exchange.

Some security researchers have demonstrated three high risk vulnerabilities for exchange server systems. Microsoft has published information about the vulnerability today and even has a patch for the problem already in place.

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WatchGuard new Knowledge Base Articles November 2020

Each month WatchGuard publishes numerous new articles and known issues to the WatchGuard Knowledge Base. Here is the new content published in November:


Firebox Cloud supports accelerated networking in Azure

Known Issues

IKEv2 profile import fails on macOS Big Sur 11.0.1
DHCPv6 server restarts repeatedly when DHCP reservation exists
Hotspot custom logo does not load in Fireware v12.6.2
Cannot edit SD-WAN actions after you change the names of multiple external VLAN interfaces
Application Control category actions not applied correctly on 12.5.x Firebox fully managed by Management Server 12.6.x
Upgrading from Dimension 2.1.2 to Dimension 2.1.2 Update 4 fails due to lack of free disk space
Application Control category action changes to Drop after upgrade to Fireware v12.6.2
Interfaces with fixed link speeds change to 10 Mbps Half Duplex after upgrade from Fireware v12.5.4 to v12.6.2
Files load slowly through an HTTPS-proxy when content inspection is enabled with Application Control or IPS
AP125 and AP325 reboot after kernel panic message
Mobile VPN with SSL client not supported on Windows devices with ARM processors

WatchGuard Authentication fails with AuthPoint Gateway lower than version 5.1.5

What is the problem?
AuthPoint Gateway software must be updated to the latest available version, v5.1.5 before the week of 10 October 2019. If you do not update your AuthPoint Gateway before 10 October, it is likely that all authentication will fail for your AuthPoint user base.

When must I update my AuthPoint Gateway?
If you use AuthPoint Gateway software v5.1.3.158 or lower, you must update your Gateway software to v5.1.5 as soon as possible. If you update your Gateway software before the dates referenced below, this issue will not impact you.

  • For AuthPoint users in the APAC cloud region – 10 October 2019
  • For AuthPoint users in the EMEA cloud region – 16 October 2019
  • For AuthPoint users in the AMER cloud region – 17 October 2019
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FortiGate GUI «Addresses» Seite wird nicht angezeigt

Wir haben vermehrt die Meldung bekommen, dass unter FortiOS 5.2 und 5.4 im WebUI die Seite «Addresses» unter «Policy & Objects» nicht mehr angezeigt werden kann.

Der Header der Seite wird angezeigt, mehr allerdings nicht:

Nach Abklärungen mit Fortinet handelt es sich dabei um einen Bug in verschiedenen Releases.

Das Problem taucht dann auf, wenn eines dieser Adressobjekte genutzt wird:

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FortiOS 5.4.1 Upgrade / Boot Issue with FortiGate 60D

Several customers reported problems while upgrading to FortiOS 5.4.1. FortGate 60D models did not boot up correctly after the upgrade. Fortinet is aware of the issue and mentioned it in the release notes:

The following 60D models have an issue upon upgrading to FortiOS 5.4.1. The second disk (flash) is unformatted and results in the /var/log/ directory being mounted to an incorrect partition  used exclusively for storing the firmware image and booting.

  • l FG-60D-POE
  • l FG-60D
  • l FWF-60D-POE
  • l FWF-60D

To fix the problem, follow these steps. If you have not upgraded yet, you only need to perform step 6, otherwise start with step 1.

  1. Backup your configuration.
  2. Connect to the console port of the FortiGate device.
  3. Reboot the system and enter the BIOS menu.
  4. Format the boot device.
  5. Burn the firmware image to the primary boot device.
  6. Once the system finishes rebooting, from the CLI run «execute disk format 16». This will format the second flash disk.
  7. Restore your configuration.

Link to release notes:

OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug Informationen

Hier finden Sie Informationen zu der OpenSSL Schwachstelle und Herstellerinformationen.

«Offizielle» Webseiten


Betroffene OpenSSL Versionen
OpenSSL 1.0.1 through 1.0.1f (inclusive) are vulnerable
OpenSSL 1.0.1g is NOT vulnerable
OpenSSL 1.0.0 branch is NOT vulnerable
OpenSSL 0.9.8 branch is NOT vulnerable

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