How to transfer a FortiGate configuration to a newer model

During the lifecycle of firewalls, they are often replaced with a newer model, but you would like to keep the configuration. In this case, there are several possibilities, which we present in this blog post:

1. FortiConverter Service
2. FortiConverter Tool
3. Partial Config Transfer
4. Full Config Transfer

Den deutschen Artikel dazu finden Sie hier: So übertragen Sie eine FortiGate Konfiguration auf ein neueres Modell

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Migrate Fortigate Configurations with FortiConverter

Starting with FortiConverter 6.0, any kind of conversion requires a valid license

Fortinet has published a very nice and helpful tool for converting firewall configs from other vendors into a Fortigate configuration file. Also an old Fortigate config file can be used as the source file.

So if you are going to replace an old Fortigate model with a new one and you want use the old config file (instead of configuring the new Fortigate from the scratch) you can use the FortiConverter as an alternative to the procedure we have described in one of our former blog post «How to transfer a FortiGate configuration file to a new FortiGate unit of a different model».

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