New Fortinet Vulnerabilities (March 2023)

Most of you have already read about the latest release of Fortinet’s new PSIRT advisories. There are 15 new vulnerabilities for FortiOS and other products with severity level from low up to critical. We strongly recommend that you checkt the PSIRT advisories and update your Fortinet products to one of…

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New FortiGate Vulnerability – CVE-2022-42475

Today Fortinet has published a new critical vulnerability in their FortiGate products. A successful attack allows arbitrary code or commands to be executed. The problem exist in the SSLVPN module – and you might be vulnerable if you are using SSLVPN and not running the latest patch release of the…

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CheatSheet FortiOS v7.2

We are happy to present you the new cheat sheet for FortiOS version 7.2. Most commands have remained the same.A bigger change is that the Packet Sniffer and the Debug Flow are now also available in the WebUI under Network > Diagnostics. We wish you good luck with troubleshooting.  1,285 total…

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Remediation steps for FG-IR-22-377 / CVE-2022-40684

Fortinet has released information about PSIRT FG-IR-22-377, also known as CVE-2022-40684. Following we have a collection of remediation steps to take if your FortiGate has been breached. We have documented some information about this vulnerability in this blog article. We will update this post as soon as new evolvements are…

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FortiOS 7.0 and above not updating signature databases

Sometimes it happens, that FortiOS is not updating it’s antivirus signatures anymore. The monitoring software, a monitoring script or a very attentive administrator is then reporting this problem to the FortiGate admin to fix it. This guide will lead you through the steps to troubleshoot this.  2,860 total views,  6 views today

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Der Weg zur NSE 7 Zertifizierung

Dieser Beitrag soll angehenden “Network Security Experts” für die Stufe 7 einen Überblick über den Weg zur erfolgreichen Zertifizierung geben und die häufigsten Fragen klären. Was ist die NSE 7 Zertifizierung? Die NSE 7 Zertifizierung ist das Zertifikat, welches man nach dem erfolgreichen Absolvieren von mindestens einer der Fortinet NSE…

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