FortiGate VM License Troubleshooting

When you setup a new FortiGate VM, sometimes the licensing process is not working as expected. To simplify the process of licensing a FortiGate VM for you, we have created this guide. Let’s first have a look into the licensing process on the FortiGate VM, before we discuss the Troubleshooting….

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Fortigate: L2TP over IPsec configuration needs to be manually updated after upgrading from 6.4.x or 7.0.x

Fortinet has added a special note in the release notes of FortiOS 7.0 as follow: Source: Unfortunately the second point does not clearly state which policy exactly needs to be changed.Here is a screenshot of the changed policy: As you can see, the policy from the l2tp client to the…

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FortiGate Custom Language

If you want to use custom languages on FortiGate generated websites, like the SSL VPN page, you can add additional self-made translation files to the FortiGate. Note at the beginning: This is a new feature under FortiOS 6.4.5 . It was available before but was not working. First you need…

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SEPPmail: SwissSign S/MIME Zertifikate müssen neu ausgestellt werden

SwissSign hat am Montag, 25. April 2022 mehrere Kunden angeschrieben*, dass aufgrund regulatorischer Vorgaben bestimmte E-Mail S/MIME Zertifikate kurzfristig revoziert und ersetzt werden müssen. Die genauen Details und eine Liste dieser Zertifikate erhalten die betroffenen Kunden von SwissSign per IncaMail mitgeteilt. SEPPmail hat am 28. April 2022 die Version 12.1.9 veröffentlicht….

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CheatSheet – PANOS 10.1

We have created a cheat sheet for Palo Alto firewalls with all important commands for troubleshooting.The cheat sheet was created for PANOS version 10.1. We have divided the cheat sheet into different sections like general commands, session debugging, service debugging and feature related debugging commands so that the needed commands…

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Kaspersky: How to get a key file from an activation code / Erhalten einer Schlüsseldatei anhand eines Aktivierungscodes

A key file is a file for offline activation. You can request a key file for business products only. All Kaspersky applications for home are currently activated with an activation code. Conversion of the Activation Code into Key Files: Die Schlüsseldatei ist eine Datei zur Aktivierung von Programmen für Unternehmen ohne Internetzugriff. Sie…

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SEPPmail: Neue SwissSign CA-Zertifikate

Am 07. September 2021 hat SwissSign ihre Kunden informiert, dass neue CAs in Betrieb genommen werden. Diese Änderung betrifft alle SwissSign Zertifikate, welche seit dem 17. Oktober 2021 ausgestellt werden und benötigt ein aktives Eingreifen durch den SEPPmail-Administrator.  117 total views,  2 views today

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FortiGate PPPoE inside a VLAN

Some providers (like which already uses the Swisscom XGS-PON) do encapsulate their PPPoE traffic into a VLAN Tag (802.1Q or Q-Tagged). The reason for this is, that in the majority of the cases the provider is using a layer 2 network (last mile) of another provider, which uses VLAN…

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