CheatSheet – FortiOS v6.4

The System Engineers of BOLL Engineering have been supporting Fortigate devices for 18 years. This year, FortiOS v6.4 was released and we have again gathered all the troubleshooting commands that we use regularly in our new CheatSheet.

Hopefully this CheatSheet will help you as well.

You will find the most important commands on the first page. The second page contains troubleshooting commands for problems with firewall policies and security profiles, followed by the third page with commands for network problems. The last page covers system and hardware commands and general information.

Updated to v1.1 (addition and correction for FortiToken, 11.12.2020)

Happy troubleshooting!

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Migrate Fortigate Configurations with FortiConverter

Starting with FortiConverter 6.0, any kind of conversion requires a valid license

Fortinet has published a very nice and helpful tool for converting firewall configs from other vendors into a Fortigate configuration file. Also an old Fortigate config file can be used as the source file.

So if you are going to replace an old Fortigate model with a new one and you want use the old config file (instead of configuring the new Fortigate from the scratch) you can use the FortiConverter as an alternative to the procedure we have described in one of our former blog post «How to transfer a FortiGate configuration file to a new FortiGate unit of a different model».

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CheatSheet – FortiOS v5.4

Das Tech Team der BOLL Engineering darf bereits seit mehr als 14 Jahren Erfahrung im Troubleshooten der Fortinet Produkte, vornehmlich der Fortigates sammeln. Über alle Mitglieder gesehen kommen fast 50 Jahre Forti-Erfahrung zusammen.

Zusätzlich sind alle sechs Mitglieder des Teams NSE7 oder NSE8 zertifiziert!

Scheint fast so, als ob sich hier ein kleines Bündelchen an Wissen und Knowhow angesammelt hat.

Für uns ist das Grund genug, dieses Wissen ein wenig zusammen zu fassen und mit Euch zu teilen.

Ladet Euch doch unser praktisches FortiOS v5.4 CheatSheet herunter. Hier sind die wichtigsten CLI Befehle zum Troubleshooten der Fortigates unter v5.4 zusammen gefasst.

All members of the BOLL system engineering team have many years of experience in troubleshooting the Fortinet products – especially the Fortigates. Overall there are almost 50 years of experience in the team. Additionally all of the six team memerbs are NSE-7 or NSE-8 certified.

So it seems that there is a good deal of knowhow and competence at BOLL.
That’s reason enough to summarize all the important CLI commands that are so helpful in our daily work of troubleshooting.
And to share this stuff with you.

Please download our FortiOS v5.4 Cheatsheet!