WatchGuard announces Dark Web Scan Feature

WatchGuard announced in the last days a new feature called Dark Web Scan. The feature is hosted in the WatchGuard cloud. With this new tool, you can perform searches based on email addresses and domain names to see which accounts have been exposed on the dark web during known data breaches.

Here are some screenshots from my test:

You can find the Dark Web Scan in your WatchGuard Cloud account under Administration –> Dark Web Scan
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WatchGuard Fireware Features pro Version

Sicherlich haben Sie sich schon gefragt, wann welches Feature in welchem Fireware Release eingeführt wurde. Da sich dies nur mühsam per Release Notes oder Dokumentation rausfinden lässt, hat WatchGuard für ihre Features einen KB Artikel mit einer Feature Liste pro Version erstellt:

New Firebox features by Fireware version

Menlo Security Prevents Zero-Day Threat on Internet Explorer

The still-active Zero-Day Exploit threatens the frequently vulnerable JavaScript Engine

Customers of Menlo Security using Internet Explorer (IE) are protected against a recent and still-active zero-day exploit using Internet Explorer, as outlined by Microsoft’s security update CVE-2020-1380.

The remote code execution vulnerability allows an attacker to take advantage of how the engine handles memory and to force corruption.

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OneSpan Authentication Server Appliance 3.19 Upgrade Issue

Official information from OneSpan published on January 10, 2020:

We have discovered an issue when upgrading OneSpan Authentication Server Appliance from version 3.18.x to 3.19. The upgrade brings the appliance in a non-operational state.

The Authentication Server Appliance and Authentication Server Virtual Appliance offline upgrade packages have been taken offline on January 9th. The online upgrade process to version 3.19 has also been disabled.

If you have a local copy of the version 3.19 offline upgrade package, do NOT use it to upgrade from 3.18.x to 3.19.

The issue does not occur when you perform a fresh installation of Authentication Server Virtual Appliance version 3.19 and the installation files can still be downloaded.

We are working on a solution for this problem and will make the version 3.19.1 available as soon as possible. We estimate version 3.19.1 will be available in week 4 (Week of January 20th).

WatchGuard Authentication fails with AuthPoint Gateway lower than version 5.1.5

What is the problem?
AuthPoint Gateway software must be updated to the latest available version, v5.1.5 before the week of 10 October 2019. If you do not update your AuthPoint Gateway before 10 October, it is likely that all authentication will fail for your AuthPoint user base.

When must I update my AuthPoint Gateway?
If you use AuthPoint Gateway software v5.1.3.158 or lower, you must update your Gateway software to v5.1.5 as soon as possible. If you update your Gateway software before the dates referenced below, this issue will not impact you.

  • For AuthPoint users in the APAC cloud region – 10 October 2019
  • For AuthPoint users in the EMEA cloud region – 16 October 2019
  • For AuthPoint users in the AMER cloud region – 17 October 2019
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Fortinet PowerPoint Icon Library

Fortinet stellt eine PowerPoint Icon Library für die Erstellung von Präsentationen zur Verfügung.

Public Network Security Icon Library

Sie können die Icon Library auch von unserem Doc-Server herunterladen:

August 2019

März 2016

März 2016

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WatchGuard Fireware 12.5

Watchguard is going to release Fireware version 12.5 in the next few days / weeks. From the public beta phase some new features are already known, which I would like to introduce here:

Update: Fireware 12.5 has been released.
Please check the “ What’s New in Fireware v12.5 “ presentation for detailed information.

Reverse Proxy for the Access Portal

In the Access Portal configuration, you can now configure reverse proxy actions so remote users can connect to internal web applications and Microsoft Exchange services with an external URL. With reverse proxy actions, you can give remote teams access to internal resources without the need for a VPN. Multi-factor authentication is supported as well.

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FGT: CA Zertifikat für Webfilter Block Pages


Wird eine Block Meldung der FortiGate zum Beispiel wegen dem Webfilter angezeigt und die aufgerufene Seite ist eine Seite mit HTTPS, wird auch die Block Seite in HTTPS angezeigt. Damit die Block Seite für HTTPS angezeigt werden kann, braucht es ein Zertifikat. Standardmässig nimmt die FortiGate das eigene CA Zertifikat und stellt damit ein neues für die aufgerufene Seite aus. Daher zeigt jeder Browser eine Zertifikats-Fehlermeldung an, da er diesem CA Zertifikat der FortiGate nicht vertraut.

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