IPsec problem with Windows 10/11 and Realtek Network card

There are issues with some drivers for Windows 10 and Windows 11 when using IPsec VPN. The IPsec tunnel cannot be established. On both operating systems the issue is related to the driver of the network card. The problematic driver was deployed via Windows Update. In many cases the network card used was the Lenovo USB Ethernet adapter. Many customers reported, that the IPSec tunnel is working over wifi while it is not working over wired ethernet.

Windows 11

As example, in Windows 11 the FortiClient is preventing the IPSec connection and showing the following error message instead:

An update to the latest driver did not help. To be able to solve the issue, an older network card driver had to be used.



Not working Realtek driver= 1153.9.20.823

Working Realtek driver= 1153.8.20.0608

Windows 10

Not working Realtek driver= 1153.13.420.2023

Working Realtek driver= 10.59.420.2023


2 thoughts on “IPsec problem with Windows 10/11 and Realtek Network card

  1. Michael Reply


    Thats correct for the Realtek USB Device it is working.
    We could also fix it by using The Microsoft Driver

    But we still have no fix for the Realtek PCI-E Device?
    Do you have more infos about that device? See in the forum post which you have linked above.

    • ata Post authorReply

      Hello Michael
      Thanks for your feedback.
      Unfortunately we are not aware of a fix for the Realtek PCI-E Device as for now. We will update this post as soon as we have news for that matter.
      The Boll Tech Team

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