FortiOS 7.4.1 is released

Last Friday the first patch for FortiOS 7.4 has been released.

As always with a brand new minor or major FortiOS version a lot of issues have been resolved and a lot of new features have been introduced.

Interestingly, however, we found an existing feature for this patch that has been dropped: It seems that a device with only 2 GB RAM is not able to work as a Security Fabric root anymore. This feature worked on such devices in 7.4.0 but after upgrading to 7.4.1 this configuration is going to be lost – without further information! Please be aware of this – if your FG40F or FG60E/F is working as a Security Fabric root and you are upgrading this device to 7.4.1 – you are loosing this configuration!

With 7.4.1 such a device can be configured to work in standalone mode or as a Security fabric leaf (“Join Existing Fabric”), only. If you try to configure a Security Fabric root in the CLI you will get following error:

2GB-RAM models cannot be a Security Fabric root.
Please set the upstream.
object set operator error, -39, roll back the setting.
Command failed. Return code -39

Update Sept. 6, 2023 – The release notes have been updated and a special note has been added.

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