WatchGuard Firewalls: Cyclops Blink Botnet (English Version)

According to current information, a limited number (~1%) of WatchGuard firewalls have been infected by a state-sponsored botnet called Cyclops Blink. Although there is currently no evidence of data exfiltration, it is possible that data from the firewalls has been compromised.

Blog article in German can be found here:

Official statement

Blog with additional information

Cyclops Blink FAQ

1. Is my firewall affected?

WatchGuard provides several ways to find an infestation of the botnet software on the firewalls:

Cyclops Blink Web Detector (online)

On the website you can upload a support.tgz of the firewall and check for botnet infestation.

WatchGuard System Manager Cyclops Blink Detector

In the latest WSM version 12.7.2 update 2 (downloadable now) there is a Cyclops Blink Detector:

Download WSM Version 12.7.2 Update 2

WatchGuard Cloud Cyclops Blink Detector

Firewalls added to the WatchGuard Cloud also have a Cyclops Blink Detector:

2a. My firewall is not affected

Even if your firewall is not affected, you should implement the following advice as soon as possible:

Install the latest firmware

Here you can find the latest firmware:

Close the management ports from the Internet

WatchGuard assumes that the malware could be installed through the management ports.

Changing administrator password

Administrator passwords should be changed regularly.

2b. My firewall is affected

Depending on the type of management, it may be necessary to completely reset and rebuild the firewall, as the malware may take root in the configuration and software:

Locally managed Firebox via WSM or Fireware WebUI

Cyclops Blink: Remediate a Locally-Managed Firebox

WatchGuard Cloud managed Fireboxes

Cyclops Blink: Remediate a Cloud-Managed Firebox

Firebox Cloud

Cyclops Blink: Remediate Firebox Cloud

FireboxV / XTMv

Cyclops Blink: Remediate FireboxV and XTMv

Fireboxes managed by the management server

Cyclops Blink: Remediate a Firebox Managed by WSM Management Server


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