FortiOS 7.0 and above not updating signature databases

Sometimes it happens, that FortiOS is not updating it’s antivirus signatures anymore. The monitoring software, a monitoring script or a very attentive administrator is then reporting this problem to the FortiGate admin to fix it. This guide will lead you through the steps to troubleshoot this.  2,039 total views,  2 views today

 2,039 total views,  2 views today

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Der Weg zur NSE 7 Zertifizierung

Dieser Beitrag soll angehenden “Network Security Experts” für die Stufe 7 einen Überblick über den Weg zur erfolgreichen Zertifizierung geben und die häufigsten Fragen klären. Was ist die NSE 7 Zertifizierung? Die NSE 7 Zertifizierung ist das Zertifikat, welches man nach dem erfolgreichen Absolvieren von mindestens einer der Fortinet NSE…

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FortiGate Mailversand mit Absender

Auf dem FortiGate können für Features wie Benachrichtigungen zur Security Fabric, Token Provisionierung, Gastaccounts oder Alerts Informationen per E-Mail versendet werden. Standardmässig werden diese E-Mails über den Fortinet eigenen Mailserver für Benachrichtigungen versendet. Es besteht jedoch auch die Möglichkeit, einen eigenen Mailserver und sogar einen selbst bestimmten Absender zu verwenden….

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Fortigate: L2TP over IPsec configuration needs to be manually updated after upgrading from 6.4.x or 7.0.x

Fortinet has added a special note in the release notes of FortiOS 7.0 as follow: Source: Unfortunately the second point does not clearly state which policy exactly needs to be changed.Here is a screenshot of the changed policy: As you can see, the policy from the l2tp client to the…

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WatchGuard Launches PSIRT Page

WatchGuard’s Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) has launched their public PSIRT page to provide a consolidated resource where network administrators can find advisories and information about security vulnerabilities in WatchGuard products, as well as WatchGuard’s investigations into industry-wide security issues that may impact WatchGuard products or services. The published…

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FortiGate Custom Language

If you want to use custom languages on FortiGate generated websites, like the SSL VPN page, you can add additional self-made translation files to the FortiGate. Note at the beginning: This is a new feature under FortiOS 6.4.5 . It was available before but was not working. First you need…

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